List Of Google Chrome Web Store and Extention

There's a new Chrome tag page (like the one there now that shows bookmarks) that you can "install" webapps onto your browser. Essentially, it's a shortcut center to the webapps you use.

  • Islamic Prayer Times
  • Weebly is the easiest way to create a free website, blog or online store
  • Server ping, Ping to any hostname
  • Vector editor, Aviary's Vector Editor allows users to create fully scalable vector art appropriate for logos, tee shirt designs
  • Android push mail, Allows you to add contacts or send SMS from the browser to your Android phone.Makes use of Android C2DM to push the messages to Android devices
  • Blogger, Powerful Template Designer for customizing your blog's look and feel
  • Audio editor, Is a powerful audio editing tool used to remix your favorite songs or record your own. From trimming and looping your audio, to reversing it altogether
  • Notepad, This extension give you write and save text for later use
  • Page Creator, Thinking of creating a website? Pagefin is a free and easy way to create and share webpages. NO LOGIN REQUIRED
  • SnapPages, If you need a simple but professional quality website that you can completely update and maintain with no hassle, then this is the app for you. SnapPages makes web design so easy, anyone can do it.
  • Encode Url, Easy way to encode file into Data URL. Just drag & drop a file and done. U can preview some support file. Have fun
  • Html Live Test, Testing html code in the sandbox. Testing your html and css code in realtime. All saved in local storage
  • Javascrip Compress, Compress JavaScript and CSS Source Code
  • Google Sidewiki, allows you to contribute helpful information next to any webpage
  • Google Pagerank Helping hand for SEO professionals. This tool will make their way easy with Google Chrome. It is very light weight and fastest of all of them of this category.
  • Google Analyst, Prints useful information to the JavaScript console by enabling the debug version of the Google Analytics Javascript
  • Mygoogle Analyst, Are you a webmaster? Quickly view today's Google Analytics data for all your websites.
  • Wierd, Alerts you when, and tells you how many, new articles are published on Wired within the topics you like. Clicking on an article title opens it in a new tab. Use the Options Panel to select the topics for which you would like to receive alerts.
  • pdf 2 word, The Pdf to Word convert is a easy tool for to convert your pdf files to word format
  • Forget Me, Delete everything about a website. Cookies, History, localStorage, sessionStorage...everything!

  • Facebook Photo Zoom, is a simple, light-weight extension that integrates directly into Facebook so you can see the larger images of photo albums, profile photos and more whenever you hover over a zoomable
  • Facebook Rounde, Rounds many aspects of Facebook including Profile Pictures, Buttons, Comment Boxes, and more! Also blocks ALL ads
  • Facebook Disconnect, Facebook is notified whenever you visit one of the more than one million sites on the web that use Facebook Connect and has a history of leaking personally identifiable information to third parties. Turn off the flow of your data to them!
  • Facebook for Google Chrome, Extension which lets you read your Facebook news feed and wall. You can also post status updates.
  • Hover Zoom, Move the mouse cursor over a link to an image to view it in full size. Works on many sites (Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Google, etc).
  • Google Quick Scroll, Quick Scroll lets you jump directly to the relevant bits of a Google search result.
  • SearchPreview for Google, The extension previously known as GooglePreview. SearchPreview adds preview images (thumbnails) to your Google search results. See a preview image of every search result before you click. The SearchPreview servers create and serve the preview images. Version 1.1 adds support for Google's new Instant Previews feature
  • Webpage Screenshot, This extension lets you save PNG/JPG image of any webpage.Just one click.
  • Web2PDFConverter, Convert any website to PDF document with this incredible Web to PDF online converter
  • AdThwart, Blocks ads using the Firefox AdBlock Plus filter engine. Kiss ads goodbye and browse in peace!
  • Google Mail Checker, Displays the number of unread messages in your Google Mail inbox. You can also click the button to open your inbox.
  • Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer, Automatically previews pdfs, powerpoint presentations, and other documents in Google Docs Viewer.
  • Google Dictionary, View definitions easily as you browse the web
  • SocialPlus, Customize and make Facebook better with SocialPlus! (Skin, don't like button,VideoChat, emoticons, color, nudge, photo preview ... )
  • Google Chrome to Phone Extension, Google Chrome to Phone Extension enables you to send links and other information from Chrome to your Android device.
  • Chrowety, A twitter client for Google Chrome
  • Amplify, Amplify lets you clip parts of articles and blog posts, add your own take and autopost directly to Twitter, Facebook and more.
  • Tweetbeat Firsthand, Watch for Twitter icons inserted next to names and mouse over them to see firsthand updates
  • Chromed Bird, Chromed Bird is a Twitter extension that allows you to follow your timelines and interact with your Twitter account.
  • Shareaholic for Google Chrome, The easiest way to share interesting webpages using Facebook, Twitter, Email, Gmail, Buzz, Reader, Bookmarks, and more...
  • Pixlr Grabber - Screen capture/image grabbing, Edit, Save or Share screen grabs and images
  • free music player, It plays music! Browser as a music player? Why not? Free music player for Google Chrome with integration.
And Many More...



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