STOP Facebook Connect from Tracking Your Data in Chrome

For the truly anti-social, social networking sites are the bane of existence. Sure, about 1 out of 10 people worldwide have a Facebook account, but those who remain friendless probably do not want to be reminded of their status as social outcasts.

Of course, there are other legitimate reasons for even the staunchest of Facebook supporters not to allow Facebook Connect to appear on pages they visit throughout the Web. Facebook uses these icons as a way to track the sites their members visit, thus showing even more targeted, often dubious, advertisements.

Chrome users can download a browser extension aptly named Facebook Disconnect to end the Facebook Connect Web of espionage

Click Install from the Facebook Disconnect download page to install the extension.

Click Install again when the confirm window pops up. The warning that appears is because Facebook Disconnect inserts a java script into pages you visit to block the Facebook Connect service.

Now, sites with Facebook Connect windows should no longer display, regardless of which site you visit. When and if they do display, the Java script should render them useless in tracking your whereabouts.

In our test, it was touch-and-go whether or not the Facebook icons still appeared on a page. For example, they were still alive and well on Huffington Post, but disappeared from individual blogs, like Urban Spoon. This is a good idea, but apparently it needs a bit of tweaking before it truly serves the anti-social masses.

Is It True??? Facebook Spy On Us..???



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