How to Jailbreak iPhone

It is no secret that iPhones are expensive. One feature that makes iPhones even more expensive, especially on eBay, is when the phone is Jailbroken.
Jailbreaking an iPhone allows you to not only use the phone on any wireless service, including T-Mobile and Sprint, it also allows you to download a wealth of apps not found in the iTunes app store—some of which offer valuable features, such as the ability to turn your iPhone into a mobile, WiFi hotspot.
So, is it worth the money to buy a jailbroken iPhone? Yes, and no. Yes, the features are worth the cost…but no, you do not need to buy an iPhone that is pre-jailbroken. Instead, a two minute download and installation process is all you need.
The program that can nearly instantly jailbreak an iPhone is called BlackRa1n. It is completely free, funded only through donations from happy customers.
First, go to and click the icon for your operating system. There are versions for both Windows and Mac.

The program instantly downloads to the location of your choice. It then appears on your computer as a big, black raindrop. Double-click the raindrop and the program will run. A window appears with a button that says Make it Rain.

Plug your iPhone into your computer. If iTunes opens, close it. Once your iPhone is connected, click the Make it Rain button. Your iPhone will then go into recovery mode, and a screen will appear on the phone showing the USB plug and the iTunes icon. This just shows the phone is in recovery mode. The screen then goes black—this is ok.
When Blackra1n is finished jailbreaking your iPhone, a message will appear telling you the process was successful and your phone is rebooting. The Apple symbol will appear on the phone’s screen, signifying the phone is restarting.
Now, if you scroll through your apps, you should see the black raindrop at the end of your app list. If you click it, you will be able to download Rock Your Phone and other third-party apps.
BlackRa1n will work on all iPhones, including 3G and 3GS, so long as the firmware has not been upgraded to 3.1.3. You can check this by clickingsettings>general>about on your iPhone and verifying the firmware version listed there.
According to BlackRa1n’s developer blog, if you upgrade to 3.1.3 at a later date, it will delete the program. A fix for this glitch is in the works.



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