How to Manage Twitter and Facebook Accounts using Mixero

Today, it is not enough to be on just one social networking site; and most people both have Twitter and Facebook accounts. But while both Facebook and Twitter serve a different purpose, most people find it difficult and time consuming to check and update both accounts.
Mixero can help you post updates and keep up-to-date with your friends by showing you all the tweets and messages they have posted all in one place. Mixero allows you to do the same things you could on Twitter and Facebook, like reply, repost, and share posts.
The Mixero application has two versions—one for the PC and another one for the iPhone. To install the desktop version, go to and click on the green Install for Desktop icon.

Mixero is an Adobe AIR application. If you do not have Adobe AIR installed, click on the link underneath the same Install for Desktop button to install it.
After installing Adobe AIR, you can launch the Mixero file. This window will open:

Click on Install.

The preferences window will appear. Tick the boxes to add a shortcut icon on your desktop or to start the application after you install it. You could also specify where to put Mixero’s files. Click on Continue after specifying your preferences.
After the installation, Mixero will launch.

To add your Twitter account, click on the add account text next to the Twitter icon.

As you add your user Twitter username and password, your profile picture for your Twitter account will appear.
To add your Facebook account click on the add Facebook text next to the Facebook icon.

You will not be asked for your Facebook username and password. Click on the green Login button instead. A window will appear to show that you are being logged in.

A window will pop-up asking for permission to connect with Facebook. Enter your Facebook email address and password, then click on the blue Connect button.
A window will appear asking you to allow Mixero to access your Facebook news feed and wall. Click on the blue Allow Access button.
Mixero will then ask for permission to place comments or posts to your wall without prompting. If you want to save time using Mixero to post comments, you should click on Allow Publishing. If you want Mixero to ask you every time you post a message or comment, then click Don’t Allow.

Mixero’s user interface is divided into three: the messages you have, the control panel, and your contacts. You could minimize both the left and right panels (leaving only the center panel) by clicking on the X icon on the top right portion of the panels.

By default, Mixero shows only Facebook or Twitter updates as you prefer, but you can mix updates from both services by turning the mixed mode on.



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