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Lots of people will probably find this article useful simply because they are addicted to Facebook! If you have a bunch of friends and family members on Facebook and they are always uploading photos that you want to save locally, there’s now a simple and easy way to do it!
Instead of right-clicking on each picture and saving it to your hard drive, you can now download an entire Facebook photo album in one click! How so? Using a free Firefox add-on called Facebook Photo Album Downloader.
FacePAD, for short, lets you download an album from Facebook regardless of how many pictures are in the album. Basically, it works by going through each page in the photo album and downloading the pictures individually.

This was originally written for Firefox 2, but someone has been gracious enough to update the code for Firefox 3 and the latest version of Facebook.

Once you install the add-on to Firefox, you can starting downloading photo albums from Facebook by first going to a page that shows you a list of photo albums:

Now simply right-click on any of the photo albums and you’ll see a new option calledDownload Album with FacePAD.

And that’s it! All of your photos will begin downloading to the default location you have set for downloads in Firefox. The only annoying thing is that if your download location is set to the desktop, the add-on does not create a folder for the pictures, so your entire desktop gets cluttered if there are a bunch of pictures in the album.
You can always go into the Firefox options panel and change the download location temporarily to a specific folder and then download the photo album.

Note that if you want to download an album from Events Album or Groups Album, you need to right-click on the See All link on the main page of the group or event in order for it to work. [via Instant fundas]



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