Tips to Send Large Files without Email

When it comes to send large files there are several tools and services on the web designed to overcome the limitations of standard email providers and to allow any person with no technical knowledge to transfer big files with ease. In this Links I have personally collected and reviewed the best tools out there that you can use to to collaborate on files of any size.

You may wonder why you need a specific service to send big files. Can't you simply attach your files to a standard email message? Unfortunately no, you can't, because standard email providers forbid you to send files above a certain size (typically 20MBs). Larger files, in fact, would be too heavy to handle for the email provider and they may clog up the inbox of your recipient.

There are three main categories of services that allow you to transfer large files over the Internet
  1. P2P tools: You establish a direct connection with the computer of another person and you send your files in real time. You can transfer files of any size, without restrictions, but both the receiver and the sender must be online at the same time. P2P tools are always free to use (ex. Skype).
  2. Online storage services: You upload your files to a service that provides you with online storage space. Since each file you upload to an online storage space is identified by a unique Internet address, sharing that address will allow other people to download your files. Online storage services are both free and paid (ex. Dropbox)
  3. Special email clients: You send an email message via a special service that allows you to upload bigger files than those allowed by standard email providers. Generally, these special email clients set an expiry date for the recipient to collect the files. Special email clients are both free and paid (ex. FileMail)
Here the best Web List collaboration tools and services to send large files:
  • List Of Free Online Storage
  • USAupload is a free online service that comes to the rescue when you need to deliver files up to 300MB to your workmates and peers. No registration is needed to utilize the service. You need to provide your email address, the email address of whom you want to send your file to and then you can upload your files. USAupload also offers the option to share, host and make a backup of your files in a remote or local destination.
  • FileToLink is a free service which allows you to send very big files online up to 2GB. There are no limitations to the type of files that you can send, but if you try to upload copyrighted content the service will ban you. Registration is not mandatory. To use FileToLink, just choose the files on our computer and then upload them to the service. FileToLink will then provide you with a download link that you can share via social media, IM, email or embed on your website.
  • Mongo Files is a free web-based service that you can use to share large files. You can only upload files up to 100MB in the free version, but If you need more storage and upload capacity you can upgrade to a premium plan where you can store files up to 50GB and transfer files up to 2GB. Prices start at $5/mo (for 10GB storage space) up to $50/mo (for 50GB storage space). Registration is not mandatory. 
  • Bonpoo is a free file-sharing service that lets you share images and photos up to 250MB in size each. No registration is requested.You can use Bonpoo to reach up to 20 users in a row. Just add the email address of each one of your recipients (you can aso add your email and a short message as an option) and upload your file. Bonpoo offers an option to send your images and photos as a compressed ZIP archive as well.
  • OneHub is an online storage facility that you can use to upload and send files up to 2GB to your colleagues and peers. Registration is mandatory.OneHub offers four capacities of online storage (500MB, 3GB, 10GB, 100GB). Prices start at $9 for the 3GB plan. Other features include: brand customization, files tracking, branded dropbox and notifications.
  • Dushare is a free P2P file-sharing service that transfers files of unlimited size without storing personal data onto an online server, but rather by establishing a direct connection with your computer and the one of your desired recipient.To use Dushare, simply head to the service homepage and click "Send a file". Then select the file on your computer and upload it. Dushare will provide you with a download link that you can share with your recipients. You can instead receive a file by clicking on "Claim a file" to start your download.
  • TrueShare is an online facility that provides you with a personal slice of storage space on the Internet to save and send files of any kind and up to 2GB to peers and workmates. Registration is required to start. You can choose among four capacities of online storage (5GB, 15GB, 50GB, 100GB) and pay either monthly or yearly. Pricing starts from $30/month for the 5GB plan.
  • Send IT Global is a free online-based alternative that sends your large files (up to 2GB) directly over the Internet bypassing email providers and FTP systems. You don't need to register to utilize the service. To start using SEND IT Global, just provide your email address and the one of your recipient. Then upload your files, write a message and you're set. Optionally, you can set an expiry date within your files must be collected and password-protect them.`



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