List Of Free Online Storage

Looking for free online storage? Here are a few situations you might need free online storage for :
  • You want to send large files to more than one person
  • Your blog or Web site hosting provider only allows a certain amount of upload room for images, etc.
  • You want to share a very big file and your email keeps timing out or doesn't allow large file uploads
All of the above situations (and more) can be solved with the following free online storage sites. Unless otherwise noted, all of the sites noted below are absolutely free; be sure to double-check the storage time limits for your files, as many free online storage sites do have rules for file inactivity and will discontinue your account after a pre-determined amount of days with no activity.

Free Online Storage Sites :
  • Ziddu: Unlimited space, for all kind of files, publicly accessed.
  • storewith, gives you free unlimited online storage space to store all your digital photos, videos clips, music files, important documents, e-mail attachments, and other any other files you would like to store
  • Skydrive: Up to 25 GB by Windowslive,  for all kind of files, can be privately or publicly accessed.
  • MediaMax: Up to 25 GBs completely free; this includes video hosting as well.
  • Data Nest: 2 GB free,  for all kind of files, Get URL where your files can either be privately or publicly accessed.
  • Megashares: Up to 10 GB available for upload storage; you get a URL where your files can either be privately or publicly accessed.
  • Google Documents: Up To 2 GB by google,  for all kind of files,  your files can either be privately or publicly accessed.
  • Mozy: Up to 2GB free storage. Requires a free download of the Mozy software; this helps you figure out which files to back up.
  • Omemo: Still in beta at the time of this writing. Works as a peer to peer network to create an immense virtual hard drive.
  • Box: Up to 1 GB free storage; pricing plans available.
  • DropBoks: Incredibly easy and simple to use - can upload up to 1 GB of your files here.
  • MediaFire: Probably one of the best free online storage sites out there. Not only can you upload files here, but they give you lots of extra options (MySpace help, folders, galleries, etc.).
  • Requires free registration; lots of online storage plus neat features such as public file sharing.
  • divShare: Upload all kinds of files here, including multimedia. Includes integration with Facebook and WordPress.
  • Omnidrive: Up to 1 GB free online storage; integrates with Zoho and Snipshot.
  • Yuntaa: Free up to 1 GB; also offers blogging.
  • YouSendIt: Need to send a really big file? Use YouSendIt to send files up to 2 GB.
  • Senduit: Need to share a large file with someone? Try Senduit - just upload your file, share a secure URL, and you're all set.
  • Badongo: Free file hosting that allows you unlimited files, photos, etc. to share.
  • Up-File: Unlimited file size; you can upload pretty much anything here to share with others.
Other :
Picasa, Image hosting
Photobucket, Image hosting, free photo sharing & video
Youtube, Place to discover, watch, upload and share videos.
flickr, Image hosting
And many others...

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