How to open multiple Google user accounts on one computer

Wish you could log into multiple Google or Gmail accounts at the same time? ,So how can you setup your computer so you can log into multiple Google profiles at once? There are actually a couple of ways you can go about this, each having it’s own advantages and disadvantages. Note that I am not talking about logging into multiple email accounts at one time, like Hotmail, Yahoo mail, etc.

If you want to see all of your separate email accounts at once, you can go to your Gmail settings and tell it to check all of the other accounts so you get your email in one place. I’m only talking about situations where one computer is being used by multiple people and each person needs to log into their own email.
How to access multiple Google accounts/profiles at once

1. Use multiple browsers – This is probably the simplest way to solve this problem. Basically, if you’re on Windows, you’ll already have IE installed and you can go ahead and install Firefox and another browser like Safari or Flock. You can actually install all four if you want!

Each browser maintains their own settings, so you can have one Gmail or Google account logged into each different browser. Of course, the downside is you have to use different browsers, which you may or may not like. This method has worked out nicely for my situation since my wife likes IE and I love Firefox! Problem solved! I open my browser, she opens her browser.

2. Use CookiePie Firefox Extension – The reason why you don’t have to constantly keep entering your password to log into Google or Gmail is because cookies are stored on your computer which save your personal settings. If you can maintain separate sets of cookies for each user and switch between the sets easily, then you can use run multiple Google (Gmail, etc) accounts in one browser!

CookiePie is a cool add-on that does just that. The cool thing about CookiePie is that you can use it to not only log into multiple Gmail accounts, but any sites that uses cookies, i.e. multiple Yahoo email accounts, Hotmail accounts, etc. It’s not just specific to Gmail or Google.

3. Gmail Manager Firefox Addon – This also requires that you use Firefox as your main browser. Gmail Manager for Firefox is another cool add-on that allows you to manage multiple Gmail accounts from one browser window. It resides at the bottom right task bar of Firefox and displays your account details including unread messages, saved drafts, spam messages, labels with new mail, space used, and new mail.

4. IE Tab Firefox Extension – This is another Firefox extension that basically allows you to run IE within Firefox. Since IE is loaded into a Firefox window, it’s still maintains it’s own separate set of cookies and therefore allows you to manage two profiles or accounts at the same time. Download IE Tab Firefox extension.

5. MailPlane For Mac – Don’t worry, I didn’t completely forget about the Mac people out there! If you’re looking for a way to use multiple Gmail accounts on a Mac at the same time, your best best is MailPlane. I’ve not used MailPlane myself, but I’ve heard it can handle this type requirement. There’s also a Firefox and Safari add-on for Mac called Profile Manager, but you have to know how to use the Terminal.

That’s all of the ideas I could find for logging into multiple email accounts at once! If you know of any other software, please post a comment and let us know. Enjoy!



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