How to Kill Process through Command Prompt

As we know, windows provide a tool which able to kill a running process on our computer. This tool know as task manager. Task manager can be accessed by pressing the combination of Ctrl + Alt + Del button on our keyboard. By using task manager, you can terminate running processes or programs with a single klik. But, what if the task manager disabled by a virus? How can you terminate the virus process?

There is another way to kill or terminate running process on a computer. You can use another windows tool to do so. You can use command prompt (CMD) to terminate running process on a computer. Here’s the steps how to kill running process through command prompt :
  • Open Command Prompt by clicking on Start »» Run and type “cmd” (without quotes) then hit Enter.
  • On the CMD windows type “tasklist” (without quotes) then press Enter. The function of this command is to show the list of running processes on the computer.
  • At the image above, you can see each process has it own Image Name (File Name) and PID. We will use the process image name or it’s PID to terminate it.
By using command prompt, you also can kill multiple porcesses at once. For example, if you want to kill Notepad (PID 776), Explorer (1776) and Calculator (PID 1340) at once, you can use this command “taskkill /PID 776 /PID 1776 /PID 1340 /F”. To learn more about “taskkill” command, you can type “taskkill /?” to view it’s help.



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