Open and Modify Google Docs in MS Office

Using the cloud for word processing is gaining popularity with the announcement of Oracle’s Cloud Office and the fairly recent addition of Microsoft Web Apps. Google Docs has been around for awhile, and offers many of the same features as these programs, plus a user-friendly collaboration feature.

Now, thanks to, Google Docs has another advantage—it can integrate with one of our favorite office suites: Microsoft Office.

  • To start using DocsInOffice, you must sign up for the service. Click Join at the top of the home page.
  • Enter your email address and password, then click Create.
  • Next, click Connect to Google Docs. When prompted, click Grant Access to allow to integrate your Google Docs with MS Office.
  • Open the Microsoft Office equivalent of the Google Doc you wish to open. In our case, we chose MS Word. Click the Office Button, then Open. Instead of browsing for a file, type: in the File Name field at the bottom of the window and click Open.
  • You are then asked for your DocsInOffice user name and password—the one you just created. Enter it and click OK
  • After a few seconds, your Google Docs should appear in the browsing window. You may need to choose the file type before individual file types will appear, depending on your Google Docs file structure. Click and file to open it in Office.
  • After making edits to a file, clicking Save will automatically upload the new version of the file to Google Docs.
  • Any file can be saved to Google Docs—even those not previously uploaded. ClickSave As and then click Network. At the top of the list, DocsInOffice now appears. Click it and then name your file. Click Save and the file uploads to Google Docs.
For Google Docs users, this is a great way to edit files offline. For MS Office purists, this is a great way to backup files in the cloud without a great deal of effort. DocsInOffice is definitely worth a try for anyone who uses MS Office on a daily basis.

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