Steve Jobs Confirms Screen Rotation Lock Will Be Mute Switch From iOS 4.2; Can't Be Customized

When Apple introduced the iPad back in January 2010, it was shown to come with a hardware switch on the side that was labeled as a mute button. At the time of the launch in April however, Apple mysteriously changed the mute switch to the screen rotation lock switch. Many users welcomed this change as they would have used the mute option far less when compared to the orientation lock switch. Some others were however disappointed.

Things were going well until Apple issued a much awaited update to iOS 4.2 beta. In that update, Apple changed the orientation lock button back to a mute button for reasons bets known to them.

This has upset many iPad users who're looking forward to update their iPads. There was however a ray of hope for some people who expected Apple to give them an option to choose what the hardwarebutton on the side would do for them on their iPad - at least when the final version of iOS 4.2 for the iPad arrives sometime in November.

However, that hope seems to have been shattered when none other than Apple CEO Steve Jobs in reply to an e-mail from a customer confirmed that at least for now, you would not be able to choose what you want that button to do for you.

The e-mail conversation between the two went like this:

  • In iOS 4.2 for iPad is the switch on the side going to be the mute and not screen orientation lock from now on?
  • Yep.
  • Are you planning to make that a changeable option?
  • Nope.
So, there you have it! The man himself giving a confirmation of sorts.

Those of you who are worried about this change, let us remind you that you can change the orientation lock by double-tapping the home button and then swiping to the right. Not much of a learning curve there but it would have been pretty cool if the button was user configurable.



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