Make FaceTime Video Calls on iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile with iSeeU and Movicha

iSeeU: iPhone Accessory Allows You To Make FaceTime-like Video Calls on iPhone 3GS

A Korean company, Playmass has announced the launch of an interesting new accessory for the iPhone 3GS. It's called iSeeU, which will allow iPhone 3GS users to make a video call - minus the awkwardness that comes with it.

Since the iPhone 3GS comes sans a front facing camera, making a video call isn’t actually very pleasurable experience even after the arrival of a plethora of apps that allows iPhone 3GS users to do so. iSeeU solves that problem by attaching itself on to your iPhone 3GS.

When you flip it open, a series of mirrors are revealed, which will project your image on to the rear camera – enabling users to see your face whilst you are engaged in video calling them just likeiPhone 4'sFaceTime videocalling feature.

The neat thing about this accessory is that you can swivel the accessory to the side to switch to the rear camera.

The accessory is now available for preorder and is expected to be on sale later this month


FaceTime for Mac has been announced at the same day as new MacBook Air. FaceTime was only available on iOS for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch. Now, Apple made the WiFi video calling available across desktop computer and mobile devices.
  • FaceTime to Mac beta is now available for free download at here (13.4MB).
  • After downloading, double-click on the FaceTime.mpkg icon to start the installation.
  • After the installation, you need to setup your FaceTime using Apple ID and add an email as your caller ID (people use the email to reach you on FaceTime).
  • Now, you can make free video calls to family and friends with iPhone 4, new iPod Touch or Mac computer.
How to test FaceTime video call?

Now you got FaceTime for Mac but can’t find anyone on FaceTime to test the video call? Facelette is the answer. As soon as you submit your FaceTime ID on the site, you will receive FaceTime video callsssss from other FaceTime strangers.

Warning: it can be quite annoying! (FaceTime will auto launch on incoming calls..)

Windows Mobile

One thing about Facetime is the limitation, you can only use it on Mac or in an iPhone 4, or at least officially. Now there is a software that is gaining a lot of popularity called Movicha. (Using Facetime to make calls between Windows and Mac)

Movicha is a free software that will allow you to make calls from Mac to Windows and from Windows to Mac. As long as you have an account, you will be able to use it without any problems.

But that’s not all, there are also mobile versions to fulfill all you needs
There’s no app for BlackBerry at the moment, but soon.

A thing I will like to clarify is that this software is similar to Skype; you need an account to download it and you can make call via web, the main difference is that you can also call Facetime users.

Download | Movicha



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