How to Verify PayPal without Credit Card or Debit Card

I previously imagined verifying PayPal account using a bank account is very difficult but it is very easy. Usually we verify PayPal account using credit card or debit card. Verify PayPal using a debit card or credit card only takes a few hours the get your PayPal account verified. If you are using bank account to verify your PayPal account usually takes two to three days to make your PayPal account verified.
Do you want to try to verify your PayPal account using a Bank Account? Follow the following steps:

  1. Login to your PayPal account then Open “my account Tab”. Go to “Profile” then click “Add/edit Bank Account”.  Click Add, complete all information needed.
  2. PayPal will send an email that contain how to confirm your bank account and get PayPal verified. Several day later PayPal will add two small deposits to your bank account. (Usually after two days)
  3. Check your bank account deposit, if you see two small deposit now you ready to verify your PayPal.
  4. Log in to your PayPal account and click Confirm bank account on the Account Overview page. Enter the two small deposit to the form and confirm. Now your PayPal has verified
It’s good news to all PayPal users. Now we can verify PayPal account without a credit card or debit card.
Note: Verify PayPal using Bank account not available on all countries, available only on certain countries. If you haven’t received an email from PayPal but you see two small deposit on your Bank account you can continue verify your PayPal account.
Important: if you verified your PayPal using Bank account, your PayPal account cannot be used to shop online, can only be used to receive money and withdrawal



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