How To Tweak Windows 8 Start Menu with Metro UI

Many Windows 8 early testers, especially those who don’t have a touch device, are complaining the new desktop Start Menu that basically flip you over to the Metro Style every time when you click on it. While I am trying hard to adjust myself to this Metro thing, I totally understand the needs having a hack that can tweak this behavior at least to provide people a choice to stay with what they are familiar with. And here are 5 ways that can help.

The registry hack

We have covered this before. Basically switching the RPEnalbed registry key from 0 to 1 will toggle the Start Menu between Windows 8 style and Windows 7 style. You can locate the key from the following location:


Note that this key change does not only change the Start Menu but also the Windows Explorer and Task Manager as well.

Windows 8 StartMenu Gadget

If you like gadget, you can load this gadget on to your Windows 8 desktop. And whenever you need it, you can simply click on it to switch both mode back and forth.

Start Menu Selector from the Context Menu

Start Menu Selector is a free utility that adds the registry changes mentioned above in to desktop right-click context menu to allow you make these changes easily and quickly toggle between old Start menu and new Metro Start menu.

Metro Controller – Tool #1

Metro Controller is a portable tool that provides you an easy way to disable the Windows Metrol UI and enable the classic Windows 7 style. The advantage of this tool is that you can disable the start menu but still keep the ribbon menu in Windows Explorer but the downside is that the tool doesn’t provide you a way to restore Windows 8 Start Menu once it’s been disabled.

Metro UI Tweaker for Windows 8 – Tool #2

Metro UI Tweaker, developed by the Windows Club, is a powerful portable tool that not only toggles Start Menu with/without disabling the Explorer Ribbon but also allows you to add more options to the Power Options in Start Menu.

Windows 8 Developer Preview Tweaker – Tool #3

If you are looking for a tool that can:
  • Enable/disable old Windows Start Menu;
  • Enable/disable Snap feature on low screen resolutions, and
  • Change Start Screen background pictures.

This Windows 8 Developer Preview Tweaker might be developed just for you.



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