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Free Online Multimedia
  1. Aviary, a web alternative to Adobe Creative Suite, has a suite of various editors and tools to allow designers to create images and audio. This suite includes Phoenix Image Editor, Toucan Color Palettes, Peacock Visual Laboratory, Raven Vector Editor, Myna Audio Editor, Falcon Image Markup and more.
  2. YouTube "offers 16:9 aspect ratio, high quality video playback, support for nearly every video format, a large audience for your videos, the ability to embed videos on a blog or website, video reply feature, customizable personal video page and the ability to limit video access."
  3. JayCut allows you to remix or trim videos and images, add music, transitions and effects, put on captions and subtitles, and publish to YouTube or download to your PC with automated transcoding.
  4. Grooveshark operates in a similar way like YouTube but allows you to upload, search and share music, instead of videos, with others. Features such as library, playlists, favorites and fans are available to users after signing in.
  5. BeeMP3 helps you locate an mp3 audio file over the Internet. With more than 800,000 mp3 files now in the database, the crawler searches and adds more files for you daily, subject to its terms of service.
  6. Streema offers an easy way to search radio stations by station name and country, add them to your Favorites, listen to the stations right away on the web platform or share them with your friends.
  7. TOMA - Internet TV, a browser-based version of JLC's internet TV viewer, lets you watch TV programs from a large database of over 3,000 TV channels maintained and updated by the community every day in the world. (Review)
  8. works lightning fast with no need to upload the Mp3 file and no file size limit either—a cut above the rest! 
  9. LyricWiki, a community based and huge resource for finding lyrics in multi languages—enter keywords such as a song title, artist or album into the search box to find lyrics, press edit this page button to copy lyrics for editing, or help add lyrics in a new page.
  10. helps you to identify an unknown piece of music easily—upload an audio fragment and get the tag info such as the track title, artist name and album title of the song based on its audio fingerprint.
  11. Midomi, "a new revolutionary way to find that lost tune you don't know the title of—sing, hum, or whistle into your microphone and let Midomi find your music for you." 
  12. Yakitome "requires you to set up an account and the site is free to use. If the only thing that counts is the voice quality regardless of time delays, Yakitome wins hands-down." 
  13. vozMe, "simple to use and requires no registration, just type or paste some text into the box, choose a male or female voice, then click the Create mp3 button. The conversion takes just seconds."
  14. Chord House, a sharp music tool and useful resource for finding chords, scales and guidance if you play guitar, piano or use a sequencer. Sounds can be heard or played "live" and downloaded for future use.
  15. 123-slideshow allows you to create a flash slideshow in just a few steps—select a slideshow layout and effect, upload 4 to 8 images to the server and save the resulting swf file to your computer easily.
  16. Bitstrips, create your own cartoon characters and comic strips using the items included in the drag-and-drop builders, with quite a bit of flexibility in what you can make, i.e. scenes, facial expressions, body langauge, cartoon panels, etc.

Free Online Storage and Backup
  1. Dropbox allows you to back up files and access them online, or share folders with several people to work together easily. Its desktop program is only needed for syncing files across computers.
  2. Windows Live SkyDrive offers an amazing 25 GB of online storage as part of the Microsoft Windows Live suite of services. It requires a Microsoft Live ID to sign in and begin using
Online File Format Converter
  1. Free File Converter supports conversion between a wide range of file formats including document, image, audio, video and compression formats. Upload a file, choose a conversion type and download the converted file to your computer. Check here for a full list of conversion types.
  2. Media-Convert helps convert your files from one format to another up to a maximum file size of 200 MB. You can rename file and apply other advanced settings in response to the output format. See supported file formats.
  3. Bender Converter, an easy-to-use online application to convert videos directly from YouTube and other services in 3 steps—choose a format to convert to, give a video page link, then click Convert and download the converted file you need.
  4. Ebook Converter provided by online-ConVert supports a variety of input formats like PDF, ePub, mobi, HTML, LIT, LRF and more—choose the target format you need for your eBook reader and start converting.
  5. File Encryptor allows you to encrypt or decrypt a file online upto a maximum file size of 20MB. The encrypted file is saved with the extension of .FE3.
Free Online Email Tracking

SpyPig lets you find out if your email has been read by the recipient. It works with web based email and desktop email clients so long as both you and the recipient use an HTML-formatted email.

Free Online Website and Server
  1. Byet provides you with a free hosting service for your web sites without forced advertisements. It features 5.5 GB disk space, 200 GB monthly traffic and a useful control panel to add domains, upload files via an online file manager, create databases, check websites usage, etc.
  2. KnowEm, "type in the name you want to use, and the site instantly tells you whether the domain name is available in various countries, and whether it's already in use on any of around 50 different social networking sites."
  3. Net2ftp, a web based FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client to gain access to the FTP server and manage your websites, view and edit codes, add or rename files and directories, upload or download files as well as other advanced FTP functions
  4. WordPress, "my number one choice based on the features, plethora of free themes and plugins, and the ability to use it as an alternative to create or host a web site with static content."
  5. Blogger is popular and easy to use. You can post text, photos and videos to your blog, personalize it with many templates, add gadgets, get feedback from your readers and more.
  6. Posterous, just send an email to and your site is created, claim the site from the link it sends to you, give a name and a password to your site. You can then start adding a new post by an email, or try out more features.
Free Online Programming
  1. Ideone, a handy compiler and debugging tool in more than 40 programming languages—choose one of them, paste your source code, share it, or run it and see the results.
  2. Pretty Printer, a quick tool to format your source code. You can add new lines or remove empty lines, reduce white spaces, add comment lines before a function, etc. It supports PHP, Java, C++, C, Perl, JavaScript and CSS.
  3. WebmasterGate's HTML / XHTML Beautifier allows you to reformat html or xhtml source code with proper indentation of tags and syntax highlighting. You can specify not to indent certain tags to your liking and save the output in a plain or rich text format.
  4. Online HTML Editor, simple and easy to use, just edit html codes in an expandable box provided and see the live results in another. One-click opening and closing tags are included.
  5. WordOff, a useful web tool to remove unnecessary tags and styles from HTML code as a result of pasting into WYSIWYG editors from Word. For example, ,
    and empty elements are removed.
  6. Text Fixer offers a raft of tools including Convert Word to HTML, Text to HTML helpful for editing web pages. Remove Line Breaks also comes in handy if you want to copy and paste text from a web site, email or anywhere without unwanted line breaks. (Review)
  7. PHPanywhere, a real-time PHP code editor with syntax highlighting, indentation, code folding, unlimited redo and undo on client side, completes with an FTP explorer and other features such as using projects, setting file permissions and more.
  8., a paste tool established since 2002 for you to upload snippets of text and code with syntax highlighting for easy sharing. You can set the post for private or public access within a certain period of time you defined, with more options available.
  9. ColorExplorer gives you color codes in RGB, HSV and Hex instantly when you choose a color from the vertical slider or color square. Choosing colors from Libraries and saving your picked colors to your Palettes are available.
  10. Color (in) HTML, easy to use, just drag markers to pick a color, click the Generate CSS button, and Hex and CSS codes are ready for you to copy to the clipboard. You can also lock a color while picking another to compare and build a theme.
Free Online Games
  1. Powder Game, "a Dan-Ball's entertaining game where you have over 30 different ingredients to create interesting things and play around with chemicals or other objects such as Powder, Water, Fire, Ice, Stone, Magma, Wind, Fan, Oil, etc."
  2. Little ChessPartner, as hosted at, gives you a lively game against your computer in a friendly interface with adjustable settings.
  3. ChessWhiz, a Chinese Chess web client offered by, allows you to log in as Guest or enter your username, then join a table to observe or play Xiangqi with humans.
  4. Friv, "a full-screen of tiny screen shots for more than 250 free online PC games of various genres with the most popular ones in hand from time to time, just in one place."
  5. Cradle of Rome, "a thrilling path to puzzle glory. Build the heart of the Ancient Roman Empire by playing and conquering more than 100 addictive and intuitively designed levels."
  6. Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery at JigZone, "choose a puzzle from a gallery of beautiful pictures of animals, art, flowers, scenes and other categories, change cuts into 6 to 247 pieces in different shapes.
  7. Jigsaw Planet, "create your own puzzles with difficulty levels, shapes and rotations, play your own or common puzzles or even send puzzles to friends."
  8., choose one of the word lists, play a puzzle with random dictionary words, or create your own word search puzzle. Each time you play, it's a new puzzle as a completely new arrangement of letters is created.
  9. Entanglement, easy to learn and yet entertaining—just rotate a new tile with the arrow keys or scrollwheel, and extend the red line around the board with a click or using the spacebar. The longer the line you manage to create, the higher your score.
  10. DHTML Lemmings, "get as many lemmings to their home (the gateway with the flaming torches) as you can. The number that you need to get home depends on which level you're playing. Works just like the original, and is just as fun and addictive as you'll remember it."
  11. Isle of Tune, lay down some roads, add houses, street lamps, trees and other objects, drop a car and click Go to watch your musical town come to life. You can also share your islands or browse others, for example Beat It, and vote them up or down.
  12., "play Capture Go (Atari-Go)—an enjoyable cut-down version of the full game of Go. In Capture Go the player who first manages to surround and capture the opponent's stones wins outright. The applet lets you choose the board size and computer playing style. Simple and fun, a great way to start to get to grips with the full game."
  13. Tetris N-Blox lets you play the game up to 10 levels of difficulty with colorful shapes, optional full-screen mode and sound effects in a simple design. It's easy to play—just click the game logo and start a game.
  14. DKM Sudoku Online, "almost as fully-featured as any of Sudoku download. Click Play Now and go to Menu to create a new puzzle in any of 4 levels. You can enter possible cell values manually in pencil mode, or let it scan for you."
  15. Reversi Lounge "lets you select a server from the list, click Launch button to open the lobby screen, select an empty chair at one of the tables and play online free against the human players in the lobby."
  16. Othello Game, "a good choice to challenge the computer opponent with 3 levels of strength, undo moves, highlight valid moves, hints and animation effects."
  17. Motif lets you play backgammon against a decent computer engine via a functional 2D interface. Good documentation too.
  18. FreeRice, "play educational quiz games to help fight hunger around the world, each answer you get correct contributes 10 grains of rice to WFP, the best of its kind I have seen so far
  19. Websites With Fun Art Games For Kids



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