Spy Using Mobile Phone

You can get many softwares on Internet which claims that they can help you spy using your Mobile phone and some of the softwares are real worth their money but most of them are useless. Certainly you will feel cheated when they fail on delivering their promises.

But what if you can spy with your cellphone without spending any money on softwares.This trick can be used to spy/listen the conversation going in a room without the knowledge of the other person.Using this trick you can check whether your baby is crying or not when you are not in the room.
For using this trick you will need the following things.
  • Mobile handset
  • Set of Headphones

Lets begin the step by step tutorial on how to spy using your mobile phone.
  • Plug in your headset/earphone into your mobile phone.
  • Now go to settings of your mobile phone and find the setting for auto answer and activate it.
  • Now turn off the ringtone/volume of your mobile phone also make sure that the vibration is also turned off.
  • Also make sure that the lights of your phone are turned off or place it in such a place where its lights cannot be noticed.
  • Place the mobile phone in some hidden place and make sure that voices of the room can be easily heard through this mobile phone.
  • Now whenever you want to check what is going in the room just dial the mobile number with some other phone.
  • Your phone will be picked automatically and you can hear clearly what’s happening in the room.



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