Protect Facebook From Potentially Harmful Links

Nearly everyone is concerned about accidently clicking harmful links while surfing the Internet. Social networking sites are particularly treacherous, as most links appear friendly, since they are posted by people we know. But do we know how tech-savvy our friends are? Do they recognize potential threats?
BitDefender has created a Facebook app for defining not only which links posted on your wall may be threatening, but also which profile settings are revealing your private information

From the app’s page, click Okidokie! Let’s See the App.

You will be prompted to approve the app’s use of your Facebook data. Click allow.

Go back to your home page, and click BitDefender Safego from the menu directly under your profile picture and newsfeed links. If the BitDefender link is not in that list, click Apps—it will likely be there instead.

The app then checks your wall and privacy, then makes suggestions. The top right box deals specifically with your profile. Click double check to run a second scan, if you think it is necessary.

The other boxes on the page tell you the results of the tests, which mostly check your wall for unsafe links.

In the Privacy box, click the lock to adjust your profile settings based on the suggestions.

At the very bottom of the app are three switches. The first, Scan My Inbox, is coming soon. The other two allow the app to publish a message on your wall when a threat is found. By default, these options are turned off. If you like these options, just click on.

The app is a great idea—one long needed—but it looks like it still needs a bit of work to be truly beneficial. The app is still in Beta testing, so we hope to see improvements when it is officially released.



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