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Microsoft Security Necessities is the long-awaited free antivirus computer application released by Microsoft. Having a PC without an antivirus program is asking for trouble, even if a computer is not connected to the web, there’s plenty of ways viruses other nasties can make it on to you method – by infected USB keys, outside drives, DVDs & CDs.W
 Free antivirus program is a great initiative from Microsoft, they cannot help feel that something like this ought to have been released over a decade ago. In addition, given the litany of security holes in existing Microsoft’s operating systems  other programs that have allowed viruses to spread in the first place, it causes some scepticism that this is the best antivirus program to make use of.

While it is better to have some protection than none, it will be in the actual world where Microsoft Security Necessities will face its final check – also keep an look out for security companies jogging tests using their extensive virus libraries knowledge.

One quibble with the program is the name – it suggests a comprehensive security package – it is not. For example there is no integrated firewall. Microsoft Security Necessities is an antivirus program ; there’s nice long-standing free options such an Avast Home Edition & AVG Free edition. However, Microsoft has tried to make its antivirus application as hassle-free as feasible. Initially that does appear to be the case, but only time will tell if it is as low-maintenance as the company’s hype suggests. Some things they like about the program are that you don’t must register, renew licenses, update subscriptions or go through any of the pain that companies such as Symantec make you do every year. All you require is a legitimate copy of Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.

Note: They do not think it is wise to put in , run over one antivirus application on a computer (nor does Microsoft or any major antivirus developer). In the event you do pick to download Microsoft Security Necessities, think about disabling or uninstalling your other antivirus application if it is present (and make a comprehensive method backup beforehand).
This is the entire Microsoft Security Necessities installation program it will download from Microsoft’s servers – however you will still require to update Microsoft Security Necessities for crucial signature file & program updates (this can be basically done automatically). However in the event you pick the manual option, they were a tiny surprised to see that the program itself is only around 7MB to download but by hand downloading the signature/update file will take another 60+MB.

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