Useful Google Chrome Shortcuts

Google has developed their own browser and is immediately making a noise and quickly gaining popularity. Google promises to provide fast, safe and easier browsing. Here are some shortcut keys for Google Chrome that will make browsing more productive.
  1. Alt + Home loads Google Chrome home page, with thumbnails of your most visited sites shown in the active tabbed window.
  2. Control + H is a faster way to bring up the History page.
  3. Control + J bring up your Downloads page.
  4. Control + K or Control + E to search from the address bar. Once pressed, you’ll see a “?” symbol appear in the address bar and you can simply enter your search query and hit Return.
  5. Control + Shift + N open an ‘incognito’ window. Sites you view in this window won’t appear in your history and cookies served by sites in this window will be deleted when the window is closed.Control + Shift + T opens most recently closed tab. Press the key combination again to open the tab closed before that one. Google Chrome remembers the last 10 tabs you’ve closed.
  6. Control + Shift + Tab cycles through your tabs in the opposite order.
  7. Control + T open a new tab. You can drag tabs around to change their order or drag a tab out of the window into its own window.
  8. Control + Tab lets you cycle through your open tabs in order.
  9. Control +B hide the Google Chrome bookmarks bar. Press Control + B to bring it back again.
  10. Jump to different open tabs using Control + 1, Control + 2, Control + 3, etc. Control + 9 takes you to the last tab.
  11. Shift + Escape is a quicker way to bring up the Google Chrome Task manager.
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