List Of Websites To Trace Your Stolen Computer n Laptop

Once a laptop is stolen, it is very difficult to trace it again without any doubts. Just as the technology has improved, so have the techniques of the thieves to make the stolen laptop absolutely untraceable. With this, not just the laptop owners, but also the insurance companies have to suffer a lot in terms of the losses. And so, it becomes very important to know how to track stolen laptop so that minimum losses can be suffered. 

Some solutions like having laptop recovery software are very important as it helps in the recovery of the stolen laptop very easily. There are lots of benefits that one can get once known how to track stolen laptop with laptop recovery software that can be seen as below :

How to Track a Stolen Laptop With an IP Address

  • Contact your ISP (Internet service provider) to see if the thief has accessed the Internet using your service. The ISP issues a location-specific IP address when a computer accesses the Internet. If the owner of a stolen laptop obtains an IP address assigned to her computer since the theft, then the police can track its location.
  • Investigate whether programs such as Yahoo! Messenger or email software that automatically logs on at boot-up are still being accessed. Contact the service provider with appropriate police report documentation and a subpoena to obtain a recent IP address for a stolen laptop.
  • Use preinstalled antitheft clients to obtain a recent IP address for the stolen laptop. Supply the IP information to law enforcement.
Install Antitheft Software to Track a Stolen Laptop IP Address
  • Contract with a third party for antitheft protection. Computrace LoJack for Laptops offers a three-year antitheft guarantee for its software. Buyers subscribe to a service that uses installed BIOS firmware to track a stolen computer and supply recovery information to the police. Computrace LoJack claims to recover three out of four stolen laptops using its service.
  • Download and install an open source antitheft client. Adeona is a university-developed open source alternative to tracking services. There is no charge to install the software, which monitors and stores location data. Adeona claims superior privacy protection, as only the owner is able to access location data.
  • Check manufacturer service plans for theft protection details or call customer support. Some computer manufacturers, such as Dell, offer tracking, recovery and data deletion for stolen laptops
Below are links to anti-theft software for computers and cell phones :

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