How to Track or Recover Stolen Windows Mobile Phone

Fear of loosing your Mobile phone or want to track or recover your stolen phone? You can now easily track your stolen Windows phone with free mobile tracker utility

It works by catching a formatted SMS (sent from any phone to stolen mobile) and then sends useful information back to your mobile phone number.

How does RemoteTracker works to track Stolen Mobile?

In case the thief replaces your SIM card with another one, then you will receive a SMS alert that you can still track your device. For this you need to set an emergency mobile number. Once you receive the intercepted SMS you can use commands that let you control your device remotely. There are basic and advanced commands and can be used according to your choice. After send a command, RemoteTracker will process the command and send an answer back to your mobile phone as a SMS, an E-Mail or a file send to your FTP account, if any.

Features of free mobile tracker Software – RemoteTracker

Rescue (Anti Kidnapping) Function, the TopSecret application
RemoteTracker allows you to maintain your own security. The free mobile tracker apps helps you to set up upto four mobile phones and four e-mails to be used when your Windows mobile is lost or stolen. Here you must type the information of your wife, mother, father or so.

Remote Control, the RTRemote application
In Programs you will notice the RTRemote application. This application has two objectives:
  • Test RemoteTracker in your own device without pay for SMS.
  • Send commands to another SmartPhone with RemoteTracker without type SMS. RTRemote do it for your. 
SIM Card Change Protection
When you install a mobile tracker software RemoteTracker on your mobile, every time your device starts the installed SIM card will be verified if it is a know or an unknown SIM card. You can set up to four SIM cards. If someone installs an unknown SIM card, you will receive SMS alerting you about the change and you will know the new mobile number to let you keep tracking your device.

This free windows mobile tracker is installed in “Hidden mode” and is not visible in Uninstall Application list. You can only uninstall RemoteTracker or answer a command after type/send the password.

How to install RemoteTracker (Windows Mobile Recovery Tool)?
  1. Download the RemoteTracker.CAB file,
  2. Copy to your mobile device and using the File Explorer (or any other file/folder manager)
  3. Double-click the RemoteTracker.CAB file.
  4. The installation procedure will start automatically. Make sure that you need to install RemoteTracker in Main Memory of your Mobile device.

RemoteTracker.CAB file. If your device does not have the .Net version 3.5, you can download it here. In order to keep your RemoteTracker up to date you are required to install the AppToDate and then run the RemoteTracker Config application to configure AppToDate automatically.

For Configuration and usage visit remotetracker manual help or FAQ



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