How to Repair Your Corrupt Data, Audio, Video in Winrar or Winzip Files

If You have data/ videos/ movies compressed in a set of Winrar(Rar)/ Winzip(Zip) files. But when extracted it gives you error messages that the file is corrupted or wrong password? or such, and all you get is an empty folder? Don't throw it away! You might still be able to fix/ repair/ save it

Follow this step :

Step 01 : Fix/ Repair the corrupt WinRar/ WinZip file

First thing to do is try to repair the WinRar/ WinZip file or files using the inbuilt function in the Winrar application(Winrar opens/extracts both Rar & Zip files). In the Winrar program there is a "Repair" button - the last button on the right of the top menu buttons. (See image above). Open the winrar/ winzip file and press this button. If you are still unable to fix the Rar/ Zip file, and if it is audio or video file.

Step 02 : Saving the bad/corrupt WinRar/ WinZip audio/ video file

For saving the corrupt Winrar/Winzip file, The trick is to get Media Player classic which is freeware. I chose to commend this freeware because of its ability to play many kinds of formats. This freeware player plays virtually all video/audio formats including new ones like .mkv, H264, rmvb,flv etc. You can also use any other media player that can play your file format.

The Method of saving the Winrar/Winzip Audio/Video files:

Start extracting the WinRar/ WinZip files for some time(eg. 5 seconds), then pause it. Now go to the folder you specified to extract the audio/video to. You should see the audio/video inside the folder. Now play the audio/video using Media player classic and then pause it immediately. Then go back to the paused winzip/winrar program and continue the extraction till it is completed. Ignore all warning messages that pop up and close all corresponding windows. Go to the folder and Voila!!You will find the audio/video file in the folder, which otherwise would have been empty. Try playing the audio/video. My experience is that it usually plays well except for a couple of bad frames.



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