Use Your Temporary Facebook Password on Public Computer

A month ago, Facebook launched a new feature that allows users to request a temporary password when they log-in into public computers. Users who don’t want to write their sensitive passwords on public computer they can request a one-time password from Facebook that can only be used once and expires in 20 minutes.

You often find yourself using public computers and Internet cafes to access Facebook account. When you use Internet cafes, you think twice or thrice whether to write my personal password here. You have fear that someone has installed a keylogger software ( Key stroke recorder) and he’ll capture your login information and hack into Facebook account then. Sometimes you accidently tell the browser to save the username and password when login with your account details on public computers. Facebook has made this new feature to keep these situations in mind.

How to use Temporary Password on Facebook?

You have to register your mobile number with your Facebook account. Most of you have already registered but those who haven’t registered yet, do it now. Go to Mobile Settings in your Facebook account and add your mobile number there. You’ll shortly receive a SMS on your mobile containing a 4-digit code which you have to write in your Facebook account for confirmation.

When you have done with that, you can request a new one-time password anytime and anywhere where you don’t want to write your sensitive password. To get your temporary password, you just need to send a SMS with text ‘OTP’ to ‘9232232665’ with your registered mobile number. Shortly, you’ll receive a SMS containing your one-time password, to login into your Facebook account on public computer with your email/username and that one-time password.

How to delete that temporary password?

Once you login with that password you don’t need to take tension about any key stroke recorder or spyware. As you receive the temp password, it will expire in next 20 minutes whether you use it or not and no one can use that password to access your account after 20 minutes. It means you just hacked into your Facebook account with a temporary password. Yes, you are now smart



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