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Free VST effect plug ins

Oli Larkin has created this free auto tune VST plugin for Windows and Mac. It is designed to work on mono tracks. Allows settings for Shift, and tune in semitones, and% correction. It also allows you to select % correction for each individual pitch.

This is not a VST plugin - instead it is a stand alone host. Using this host you can load a VST plug in and use it as a stand alone synthesizer. VSThost is available for Windows only.

Glitch is a VST plugin. Glitch chops audio and applies a variety of effects. There is a wide variety tweaking and ordering possible.

LFX-1310 is a free multi effects plugin for Windows or Mac OSX. It has 24 different algorithms which can be placed in 3 serial slots. The producer of this effect (Luxonix) states that it is maximized for low CPU load.

TAL-Tube is a VST plugin for Windows or Mac OS X that provides the effect of tube saturation. This provides an analog character to digital recordings, and at extreme levels can create a grunge like distortion.

Fuzz Plus is a VST plug in effect for Windows or Mac OS X. It is a basic fuzz pedal effect.

A 10 band parametric EQ with low CPU consumption. Click on the "FREEWARE" link at the top of the page to access this free download.

Beatburner is a looping sampler combined with a wave shaper and enveloped filter. BeatBurner is available for Windows only.

Mechaverb is a free VST reverb plugin for Windows. It allows you to set individual delays for each component of the sound in each frequency band.

BeatBurner is a beat Mangler VST for Windows. BeatBurner turns audio files into new audio parts.

Frohmage is a plugin that combines Low Pass filtering and distortion. Delay can be applied across th filters creating swish phasing or gliding echoes. The plugin is midi controllable. It is available for Mac OS X and Windows. Also available in PTAS format for ProTools.

Stempel is a free VST vocoder effect for Windows. The website claims that Stempel has "a smoother sound and a higher analysis definition" than the classic vocoder implementation. Tou will have to try yourself to find out.

SoundScraper 2 is a VST effect plugin for Windows or Mac OS X that creates comb effects, reverbs and delays.

Nibiru 2 is a 4 band filter VST effect plugin for Windows. It has 4 parallel multimode filters (LP, HP, BP, Notch, Peak) with resonance and spread. In addition, each filter has its own LFO which can be host synced. Each filter has separate mix and pan controls. A video demo can be viewed here.

Collections of VST plugins 

The following websites contain multiple free VST plugins. Some plugins are for sound processing and some are sound and music synthesis.

The Knobster Bundle is a free collection of 6 VST synths, 1 VST audio processor and 2 sample packs (lo-fi cinematic grooves) for Windows. The synths are some of the craziest, atrangest ones out there. They include Meow Synth, Plastic Piano (lo-fi, cheap tone synth), Organaut (tonewheel organ emulator), Keywriter (typewriter sounds), BeatVox (Human beat box simulation), MelloFan (music from a fan). The effect processor is Slitch - turns any recording into glitches and scratches.

A very nice collection of synthesis and processing VST plugins. Of particular interest to me is the bent plugin, which resynthesizes an incoming sound to sound as if it is being processed by "bent" circuits. All plugins are for Windows.

Check out the VST page for a whole slew of free VST plgins for Windows. Includes synthesis/samplers and effects. Some are very unique.

A LARGE collection of free audio applications for Mac OSX. Many VST plugins included.

This site has both free plugins, and plugins for purchase. The free plugins are on the MidiBag and InsBag pages. Although offered for free, the author does ask for a donation via PayPal. All plugins are for Windows.

In addition to their commercial VST synths, Ugo Audio offers several excellent free VST synths for Windows. Motion creates sound with a large amount of varied modulation. As its name implies "Texture" creates rich ambiances and textures. The most recent synth is "Strung Theory" which is a physical modeling string synth that creates a wide range of plucked strings, atmospheric pads and ambiences, and unique hybrid synth sounds.

A large list of free VST plugins for Windows from th "C reate Digital Music" blog. Most any type of plugin you might wabt to try is included.

Includes some very nice looking synths. Includes a monophonic bass synth that uses numerous types of synthesis. An analog type synth, a Flanger, and a Granulator - to create audio grains. All VST plugins are for Windows.

An entire collection of interesting free VST synths for Windows.

Oli Larkin provides a collection of Synthedit baed VST plugins for Windows. Included are the following effect plugins: Advanced midi gate, Autopan, Beat Morpher, Chopper, Formant Filter, Gatecomb, Grain Freeze, Lfo Chopper, Quadmix and Quadpan, SE64, Stepcomb, and Stereo Enhancer.

Sound Synthesis and Samplers

Native Instruments provides this free software instrument for Mac or Windows. Kore Player uses the Native Instruments sound engine, and comes with a 300MB sound Library. Kore Player can be used as a stand alone application, a VSTplug-in, an Audio Units plug-in, or an RTAS® plug-in. You can add new sounds to Kore Player by purchasing Kore Soundpacks.

This is a graphical program for creating your own synthesizers. You place various synthesis and processing modules on the screen and connect them. You can record the resulting sound to a wave file, or save the instrument for use later. Electronic Musician magazine gave this program a 2008 Editors Choice Award for "Download Of The Year".

Psychosynth is a free modular software synthesizer inspired by the Retractable sound Modules. The interface is somewhat unique in that you move and connect virtual 3d objects to create your synth. Psychosynth is a GNU project, so source code is available. As of this writing, Psychosynth is in alpha release.

ShortCircuit is a windows based sampler produced by Vember Audio. Vember is giving away version 1 of this sampler in anticipation of the version 2 release. This is a full featured fully functioning program that they used to sell.

Yellow Tools has made their Sampler Independence available for FREE. This is not a demo version. The only feature not available is the import of audio files. This download comes with a 2 GB sound library.

This is a free VST software synth that emulates the Roland SH-101 bass Synthesizer. The interface has sliders and knobs that can be automated via MIDI. This plug-in is available for Windows or Mac OS X.

Darkness Theory is a free Windows VSY synth by DSK Music.

Sort of a software version of Yamaha's Tenori-On. Right now the sounds are a little limited, but updates are coming. Also, it is open source - so you could modify it yourself. It runs using Adobe's Air - so any platform that supports Air will run this.

The Krakli Cygnus synth is a VST based synth that specializes in ambient space sounds. This synth comes with 384 patches and a choice of interfaces. You can hear it in action on this You Tube 

Minispillage is an electronic drum synth for Mac OS X. Minispillage's sounds are generated from a variety of algorithms and models. Sounds can be manipulated in real time.

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