How to view Facebook hidden content pages without making a Like

Whenever you passed through different types of Facebook fan page, we find many unique pages like “The secret of Google” and more. So in those pages you are ordered to “like” that page if you are willing to see the suspense hidden content inside it. It is really the matter of curiosity and often many people make a like on that page. Later they didn’t find anything so interesting inside the page.

So there are also some cool tricks to view the hidden suspense content of any Facebook fan page without actually making a like to them. Isn’t it great? So here goes some cool tricks you might like to try.

Removing the Page style

This trick is only convenient for the Mozilla Firefox users. After you open the page in Firefox, goto View then Page style and select “No Style” from the list.

The hidden content is unveiled but but without any format or style. Now search for the hidden content within that page which might be a link or an Image.

Using the Word processor

It is also among the simplest way to view the hidden content without making a like to any facebook page. Press Ctrl+a Then Ctrl +c(For Mac users, opt+a then opt+c) and now paste it on your word processor software. You will see all the hidden content there.

The browser Script

It is the permanent and one time work to automatically view the hidden content of any Facebook fan page without making a like to the page. It is available for Chrome and Firefox browser.

If you are using Google chrome browser then install Bypass “Become a fan” extension and If you are using Firefox browser then install greasemonkey addon in your browser and then Install this script.



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