How To Speed Up Open New Tab on Internet Explorer

Many have complained that it is very slow to open new tab in Internet Explorer. If your IE8 takes more than 3sec to finish opening a new tab, then you’re experiencing the slow tab opening which is a common problem to many IE8 users. What follows are the solution to this “open new tab slow” problem.

Everytime you open a new tab, IE will connect to something before it gets ready for you to use. Consequently, the Add-ons that you’ve installed in your IE might intentionally or inadvertently slows down the new tab opening process. Recently, Microsoft has put a post in the official IE Blog to explain how Add-ons could potentially decrease the browsers’ performance in crucial activities like opening a new tab.

Now that we know what causes the problem, I think you probably already have some solutions there in your mind. Yes, disabling add-ons is indeed the only solution, but which to disable? I bet you wouldn’t want to disable those that you need badly while surfing the internet. The following is a chart provided by Microsoft that shows the median load times for the newest versions of the 50 most used add-ons in IE today. Users who have many of these add-ons installed will definitely notice a performance impact when starting IE or creating a new tab. This chart can help you to decide which add-ons to disable.

How to disable addons in IE

Well, it is hard to remove or uninstall an add-on in IE. I would prefer you to just disable it, this has the same result as removing them. To disable addons in IE, open Add-on Manager by going to Tools -> Manage Add-ons. Find and highlight the add-on you want to disable, and then click on Disable button; another way is to simply right click the add-on and select Disable.

Internet Explorer (No Add-ons)
If you don’t want to disable any add-on as they are important when you do your job or homework, you can always try to run IE in No Add-ons mode. To run IE without any add-on, go to Start, type Internet or Internet Explorer, then click on Internet Explorer (No Add-ons) link from the list.



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