How To Install Blackberry Theme With Laptop or PC

Install the BlackBerry theme can be directly performed on the BlackBerry or can also be done using a computer / laptop with the help of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. To install blackberry themes using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager make sure the BlackBerry Desktop Manager installed on your computer.
Here are the steps to install the BlackBerry themes using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager :
  1. Make sure the BlackBerry Desktop Manager is connected to your BlackBerry and download the file its BlackBerry theme, usually a BlackBerry theme file in zip file. Then extract the zip file on your computer’s hard drive.
  2. Run BlackBerry Desktop Manager and make sure the BlackBerry Desktop Manager to connect with your BlackBerry. Then from the Main Menu click the Application Loader.
  3. Then in the Add / Remove Applications click Start.
  4. Then in Device application selection, click Browse.
  5. Choose a theme that you have saved on your computer, then click Open.
  6. The process of identifying themes BlackBerry Desktop Manager
  7. Then the vista theme will list in Device application selection, check the vista theme and click Next.
  8. Theme vista will be installed to the BlackBerry, click Finish to continue.
  9. The process of loading the BlackBerry theme.
  10. Then the BlackBerry Desktop Manager will be connected with the BlackBerry and install themes.
  11. In this step the process of installing a theme should have been completed, you can return the main menu or disconnect your BlackBerry.
  12. Then on your BlackBerry into the BlackBerry Options -> Themes and select a new theme that has been installed (if still confused replace the theme in the BlackBerry read the tutorial how to change the theme on the BlackBerry).
  13. Then out of the Theme Options and seen that you’ve changed your BlackBerry theme.
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