All in One Application for Facebook, Twitter and Email

You might be using three different tabs on your browser for websites you use very often i.e Facebook, Twitter and Email. You might want to use all of them in one place. Well, I have found a awesome website where you can use Facebook, Twitter, Email, Gtalk, all messengers including MSN, Facebook, Yahoo in one place. LiveGo is a new all-in-one web based tool that lets Internet users use all social networks at one place. It seems like you have all the web at one place.

Actually it’s not a new service. It was first launched in 2006 with the name ‘MessengerFX’ but up untill now, the service was used as an all-in-one messenger for social networks. But now they have launched the revamped version of ‘MessengerFX’ and the name has changed to ‘LiveGo’ and now it allows you to use all the social networks’ activities with in a single tab of browser.

The website is currently in its beta version and currently providing access to these social networks as shown in the below image.

Now you can access Hotmail, Yahoo mail, Facebook, Twitter and Gmail including MSN, Facebook, Yahoo messengers and Gtalk. They will be providing access to services like Foursquare, Linkedin, Myspace, and Friendfeed very soon.
The dashboard is very neat and easy-to-use. The social network services are located on the left panel sidebar and when you click on any of the available options like Facebook, it will open your Facebook account on the middle column of the page with your news feed. It has two sidebars, left sidebar is for using available social networks and right sidebar is for messengers.

The dashboard is very easy-to-use. when you’ll click on an online friend in the right panel sidebar, it’ll open a pop-up chat box which allows you to change text size and font, dozens of emoticons and unlimited chatting with your friends . Moreover, you can plan your TODOs, assign importance, schedule them and set reminders not to forget. You can also make your notes within LiveGo and save them. It’s quite easy to use.

It is also available as a Google Chrome Extension in Chrome Web Store. You must try this web based application if you’re looking for this type of application where you want to surf all social networks at one place.

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