Speed internet connection use OpenDNS

For how the settings follow the steps below :
  1. Create a new connection
  2. Open the Control Panel
  3. Select Network Connections
  4. Select Create a New Connection -> Next
  5. In Network Connection Type select Connect to the network at my workspace
  6. Then click Next -> Select Dial-up connection -> Next
  7. In the Connection Name column contents with an arbitrary name, eg “modem-connectionmyusb”
  8. Click Next, On the Phone Number to Dial fill it with * 99 # (or in accordance with the instructions listed in the manual)
  9. Select Next -> Finish.

Account Settings
  1. After that window will appear Connect Dial-up Connection
  2. Enter your Username and Password according to the instructions..
  3. Check the Save this username and password
Incorporate Number magical OpenDNS

Before you begin this step, you should first have to have a magic number OpenDNS, if you have not got used to visit the official site OpenDNS.
  1. Select the properties button; make sure the General tab Connect using your already using the mode.
  2. Go to the Networking tab select Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)
  3. Click the Properties button, new window pops up and then select the Use the Following DNS server addresses.
  4. Enter the DNS addresses from OpenDNS earlier we can (there are two rows of the magic number OpenDNS).
  5. Click Ok -> OK again, and try to dial.
  6. Wait until connected
What is OpenDNS?, For more details, please visit the official website of the service provider OpenDNS and follow the instructions to get the magic number OpenDNS.

* Tips can also be applied to all types of Internet connections either dial-up or broadband



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