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Blackberry is one of the handsets that users rose sharply less than three years. In Indonesia alone blackberry users in the domination by a number of celebrities and entrepreneurs homeland, because the services that are owned, for users of cell phones that the average layman is still reluctant to have this handset.

And for those of you blackberry users who do not know the secret codes that are available on the Blackberry, below I provide secret codes of blackberry.

Here's some code of blackberry :

• Function: Shows the signal strength in dBm (not the 'trunk').

• ALT-V-A-L-D> in'addressbook '
Functions •: Check the data inconsistency in your address book.

• ALT-R-B-L-D> in'addressbook '
• Functions: Develop re-structured data in the address book.

• ALT-Right Shift-Del-
• Functions: HH soft reset it, similar to 'remove the batteries'.

• ALT-Shift-left-H
• Function: Indicates important technical info about the HH.

• ALT-R-B-V-S> at 'browser '
• Fngsi: Indicates the source-code from hal.web

• Function: record / log of the system event2 HH

• *- # -0-6> in'homescreen '
• Function: Indicates the handset IMEI code.

Enterprise Activation
ALT-CNFG In the Options -> Advanced Options -> Enterprise Activation Settings for Enterprise Activation

Address Book
ALT-VALD In the address book list Validate the data structure and look for inconsistencies
ALT-RBLD In the address book list Force a data structure rebuild

BrowserALT-RBVS Any HTML / WML webpage View web page source code

CalendarALT VIEW Inside any Calendar item Show extra info for a Calendar event
SYNC Calendar app> Options Enable Calendar slow sync

RSET Calendar app> Options Will prompt for a reload of the calendar from the SSE
RCFG Calendar app> Options Request BES configuration
SCFG Calendar app> Options Send device configuration
DCFG Calendar app> Options Get CICAL configuration
SUPD Calendar app> Options Enable detailed Cal. report for backups
SUPS Calendar app> Options Disable detailed Cal. report for backups
SUPN Calendar app> Options Disable Cal. Report database
LUID Calendar app> Options Enable view by UID
SRSL Calendar app> Options Show Reminder status log

MessagingALT VIEW For messages, displays the RefId and FolderId for that particular message. For PIM items, displays only the RefId.

Application SearchALT, ADVM Search Application Enabled Advanced Global Search

MMSMMSC Options -> MMS Show MMS hidden options

Home Screen

ALT-JKVV Home Screen Display of PDP reject cause
ALT CAP H Home screen Displays the Help Me screen
ALT EACE Home screen Displays the Help Me screen

ESCR ALT Home Screen Displays the Help Me screen
ALT NMLL Home screen Switches the signal strength from bars to a numeric value.
ALT LGLG Home screen Displays the Java ™ event log.

ALT-SMON WLAN wizard screens simulated Enable Wizard mode
ALT-WLAN SMOF simulated the wizard screen Disable mode Wizard

ALT-THMN Any menu Change to no theme (B & W)
ALT-THMD Any menu Change to default theme

Date / Time
Ro Options -> Date / Time Show Network-time values

MEPD Options> Advanced options> Display MEP SIM card info
MEP1 Options> Advanced options> SIM card Disable SIM Personalization
MEP2 Options> Advanced options> SIM card Disable Network Personalization
MEP3 Options> Advanced options> SIM card Disable Network subset Personalization
MEP4 Options> Advanced options> SIM card Disable Service provider Personalization
MEP5 Options> Advanced options> SIM card Disable Corporate Personalization

Hopefully useful



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