Ubuntu 10.10 Beta Now Up For Download

While most of us will probably stick to  Windows and Mac OS X for the rest of our lives, there are a select few who are courageous enough to travel into Linux-land. Sure, Linux has improved greatly and is considerably more user friendly compared to several years ago where you’d have to type in a command line just to be able to type in a note of what you’ll have to do tomorrow (ok, perhaps I’m exaggerating a little). But despite Linux’ new and improved, Windows-like interface, the preconception remained and people are still somewhat reluctant to try it out.  In any case, Linux and its “derivates” are becoming more popular nowadays.  Android, for instance, is based upon the Linux Kernel and GNU software.

The best part about Linux, I guess, is that it’s free and open. Quite a large number of  Linux fans are in fact running Ubuntu (according to statistics nearly half of them). The future version of Ubuntu, 10.10 also known as “Maverick Meerkat” is scheduled for an October 10 release. As the release date draws near, Ubuntu 10.10 has recently hit beta phase and is now available for download. At this point it may be a good idea for you to give it a try and it looks like Ubuntu developers brought a lot of improvements to the latest version of the operating system.

In Ubuntu 10.10 beta, Gnome 2.32 Beta 1 has become the default desktop environment. Most of its components were updated. You’ll find Mozilla Firefox version 3.6.9 and BitTorrent (the torrent client) in version 2.04. Shotwell has replaced F-Spot as the default photo manager and editor, and Gwibber was updated to support the recent change in Twitter’s authentication process.

The Ubuntu Software Center and Ubuntu One have both been re-designed. Software Center now comes with new “Featured” and “What’s New” views, good for showcasing applications, a “For Purchase” software category and improved package description view. Users will now get to see the apps installed from the Center much easier as well as scout for popular and recommended apps. Ubuntu One, which helps store, sync and share information, now includes a new sign up and sign in process as well as tighter integration with Ubuntu SSO.
Kubuntu 10.10 Beta (the Ubuntu derivate which makes use of the  KDE graphical environment instead of  GNOME) also brings a set of improvements. In the beta, Kubuntu has merged the desktop and netbook images into one single image that features both the Plastma Desktop and Netbook workspaces. Upon login, the appropriate workspace will be launched. Rekonq, a KDE browser based on Qt Wbkit is now the default browser while Pulseaudio is the default sound server and Bluedevil is the default Bluetooth application collection. Plasma Netbook now comes with Global Menu by default.
Some may remember that  Ubuntu 10.10 promised to bring gestures with multi-touch. Well, the beta includes the 2.6.35-19.28 kernel, based on the upstream stable kernel. Among other things, this kernel includes input subsystem patches for improved multitouch capability.
If you’re interested, please do try the new Ubuntu 10.10 beta out. You can find it up for download, along with Kubuntu and Xubunturight here.



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