Boosting a Cell Phone Signal

Ways to improve your signal strength.

Cell phones are useful when it comes to keeping in touch with family, friends and work associates. Their portability also makes them convenient when you must travel to and from multiple destinations. However, not getting a cell phone signal limits your connectivity to others. Boost your cell phone signal in several ways to get better reception.

Change the Position

Hold your cell phone in the correct way when using it. Placing your fingers or hand over the antenna section of your cell phone can hinder its signal strength. Make an effort to hold your cell phone along its base and away from the antenna to increase the signal. The overall call performance degrades each time an object blocks the cellular waves of a cell phone.

Change Location

Boost your cell phone's signal by going outside or moving toward a window. Some buildings are largely composed of metal and can interfere with your signal. A simple change in location can improve your chances by going from no signal to as much as full strength.
Low Battery

Keep your cell phone regularly charged. Having low battery strength can cause your cellular signal strength to decrease as well. Various cell phones have a built-in feature to conserve potential talk time. If you're talking on a cell phone with a limited amount of battery life left, the signal is lowered to allow you more time to finish the phone conversation.

Boosting Device

Increase your cell phone signal by using a signal-boosting device. If you inconveniently work or live in an area with weak cellular signal strength, a boosting device can help you get a strong enough signal for calls. Boosting devices are usually compact in size and affordable enough to use in your home and work locations. One of the best instances of using this type of device is when your current location is the main cause of the poor indoor signal strength.

Set up the cellular signal-boosting device and connect several cell phones to the network to make or receive calls. Sometimes these devices are available from an individual company that specializes in them or from your cellular company. If you're buying the signal-boosting device from your wireless provider, you'll be required to also purchase an additional service plan to use it.



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