The Best Free Online Photo Editors

If you don't have access to your usual PC photo-editing suite, or you don't want to use up the processing power of your laptop, you can make good use of a plethora of tools available online. Online photo editors provide a great alternative to desktop software. Their capabilities range from completing simple editing tasks, such as cropping, to more advanced amendments, such as color adjustments and blending.


FotoFlexer claims to be the "world's most advanced online image editor," and its feature list certainly justifies this. Its one-click approach to editing makes it very easy, even for the novice, to achieve effects that rival those found in powerful desktop-editing suites. The list of stock effects is extensive for its being free and allows for surprising results, probably demonstrated best by its "smart cut-out" tool, which makes cropping objects easy. FotoFlexer also integrates social-networking sites, such as Facebook and Flickr, into the software, making it easy to share your creations with friends and family.


Picnik is a well-polished suite of tools that offer powerful editing without the need to download anything. It is one of the most responsive online tools available, with almost no rendering time when applying effects---a handy thing when there are so many effects to choose from. The user interface is intuitive and requires very little in the way of prompting. As well as giving the user the ability to apply professional-looking effects, it also offers a wealth of fonts and stamps to give your photos a more fun appearance.


FlauntR provides a comprehensive set of editing tools, as well as some interesting and fun design presets. One of its best-selling points is its import and export options, which are second-to-none and offer extensive integration with all the social-networking sites you would expect---making it perfect for sharing your creations with friends. FlauntR manages to strike an excellent balance between professional capabilities and fun, with its ability to add themes and text to photos.


Pixlr combines photo-editing tools with Paint-based tools, providing an experience that you can only get from this online program. Pixlr also allows for some more advanced photo-editing techniques, such as working with layers---an option that is sadly missing from most other online photo editors. The user interface is easy to work with and allows for a great deal of customization, which makes it stand apart from the others. Another great feature is the history viewer that allows you to easily pick from a list of actions you can undo or redo.



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