AntiVirus Studio 2010 is Ready to Attack Your PC

Although it looked like the last week was quite calm, cyber criminals were busy creating new threats. The recent fake application is called AntiVirus Studio 2010. As most of the rogueware, it reminds a legitimate software but is nothing more than scam.

As most of the rogueware applications, AntiVirus Studio 2010 is based on Trojans, i.e. the software is able to install itself without your permission or acceptance. For this reason, you should strictly observe what websites you visit and what things you download from internet. In addition, always use the latest version of your antivirus software.

However, if AntiVirus Studio 2010 is installed to your computer, then you are in trouble. Your computer is constantly scanned with the fake scanner. Then these scans are followed by threat warnings and alert messages, popping up on the screen :

Your computer is being used as spamming machine. You can get sued for spam.

Are you wish to keep this ILLEGAL FILE on your computer ? This can lead to private data steal such as passwords,
and credit cards by cyber criminals. Your facebook, paypal and ebay account can be used by the hackers!Are you still willing to keep this DANGEROUS FILE on your computer, or DISINFECT IT USING DESKTOP SECURITY.

Unfortunately, the fake scans and messages are not the only threat to your computer. As AntiVirus Studio 2010 is already active, you start noticing other changes on the system, including the changed home page of your browser, the slow performance of your computer, or even the poor internet connection.

Be sure to have the legitimate antivirus software installed on your machine and don't trust all the information you read or download from the internet.



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