Stoneage Cellphone Secret Ericsson GF788

Secret Codes

*#06# for checking the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) 
>*<<*<* for checking the firmware revision information (software release) 
>*<<*<*> 1-row text strings. if pressing yes you can check the phones text programming in currently selected language. (298 entries) 
>*<<*<*>> n-row text strings. if pressing yes you can check  the phones text programming in currently selected language. (160 entries?)

Tips and Info

Shortcut for Last Dialed call menu... 
If you for some reason don't want to enter the 'Last Dialed calls menu' by using the 'YES' key you can use the following key stroke instead: First '0' then '#'. 
Bat. level indicator when turned OFF... 
When the gh688 is turned off and the phone is not changing - the bat. level can be seen for a short period of time by pressing  the 'NO' key quick once (it has to be quick!) and then wait for about 2 sec. The bat. level will now be shown in the display at its normal position. 

Access menu without Sim card ...
To access to the menu in your phone without having a card inside do  the following:
type **04*0000*0000*0000# When display say "Wrong Pin" press NO and  you have access to the all menus: Info, Access, Settings, Calculator, Clock, Keylock On?, Mail, Phone book. 
NOTE if you try this on the GH688 your phone may stop at Keylock On? menu and you´ll have to take your battery out to turn the phone on  again. 

Pin Outs

01 Out Audio from Mobile Station 
02 In Audio to Mobile Station 
03 In External Analog Audio Accessory Sense. Connect to GND to enable external mike and speaker 
04 - Audio Signal Ground, 0V reference 
05 In Portable Handsfree. 
06 Out Music Mute (to mute e.g. the car radio) High when calling. 
07 In Flash Memory Voltage and Service Voltage. Phone enters debugmode when tied to +5V at power-up. 
08 Out Logic Reference, Status On. Sources over 100mA. 
09 Out Data from Mobile Station. Debug messages appear here at 112KBaud when in debug mode. 
10 GND Digital Ground and DC return 
11 In Data to Mobile Station 
12 I/O DC positive for battery charging (in)/DC for extenal accessory powering (out) 

All signals seem to be at 5V logic. Most debug messages are text. Like "CB ok!" etc. Debug messages are trailed by 0x0A, 0x0D.  Power-up means removal of battery, reconnection of battery, depressure of "NO". 



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