How to Download All Tagged Facebook Photos

Creating an offline collection of friend’s tagged Facebook photos could take hours of navigating through individual photo albums. If you have a great number of friends, this may seem like a nearly impossible task. Luckily, a small program called PhotoGrabber makes downloading tagged photos a quick, nearly effortless process.
When PhotoGrabber starts, click the big blue button that says Login.

Your browser will open and you will be asked for your Facebook login. This page is PhotoGrabber’s login page on Facebook. Enter your username and password, then click Login.

Facebook will then ask you if you want to allow this PhotoGrabber access to your profile and friends list. Click Allow. You can then close your browser.

On the PhotoGrabber program, click the blue button that says I want to download…

Your entire contact list will then appear in the PhotoGrabber program. Click the name of the person whose tagged photos you would like to download, then click the blue Begin Download button at the bottom of the menu.
A window will appear asking you to choose a file on your computer where you would like to download these photos. Choose a folder and then click OK.

Depending on how many photos of your friend are tagged, the download time could take a couple of seconds to several minutes. When the photos of downloaded, a blue button that says That’s it appears. Click it.
A window then appears asking if you want to post a story to your wall proclaiming that you have just downloaded pictures of yourself or your friend. If you want to post this, click OK. Otherwise, click Cancel.

PhotoGrabber does exactly what it claims to do with no fuss. The program is quick and at 4 MB, takes only a few seconds to download from Google Code. So, if you want to create a collection of Facebook photos for offline use, this program might be the answer to your prayers. J
Just remember to click Cancel on the last screen, or your entire contact list might think you are a stalker.



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