How to configure Outlook Express

Outlook Express is used for sending and receiving emails. Outlook Express has the capability to define and use multiple email accounts and email servers. This article provides you the different types of outlook express configurations using single or multiple email account configurations in outlook express.

Basic outlook express configuration
These steps helps you the basic outlook express configuration.
1. Launch Outlook Express in the first step.
2. Go to Tools menu click on Accounts.
3.Click the Add button and then click Mail. 4. Display name is your name as you would like it shown on outgoing mail messages.

5. Specify your email address.
6. Specify the email server type (IMAP) as well as Incoming and Outgoing server names. 
  • Select IMAP as My incoming mail server type.
  • Enter as the Incoming mail Server.
  • Outgoing Server.
  • This depends on where you use your computer.

7. Account name is your own username (NetID).
8. Click Finish to save the configuration.
9. Click Close on the Internet Accounts dialog box.
10. Click yes to download folder names from email server.

11. Enter your password and click OK.

12. A dialog box will list all folders found in your email account. Click OK
13. This completes the configuration of Outlook Express. New email messages will be delivered to the Inbox. You can create different folders on the server for storing messages.

This completes the basic setup of Outlook Express for use with the Dalhousie Email service.
Configure Outlook Express to use a Hotmail account

To use a hotmail account you must do the following steps:
1. Start Outlook Express.
2. Click Accounts on the Tools menu.
3. Click Add, and then click Mail.
4. In the Display name box, type your name. Click next.
5. In the E-mail address box, type your Hotmail address. Click Next.
6. Click HTTP in my incoming mail server is box.
7. In the My HTTP mail service provider is box. Click Hotmail.
8.Confirm the Incoming mail (POP3), IMAP or HTTP server box,
9. In the Account name box, type your Hotmail account name.
10. In the Password box, type your password. Click Next.
11. Then click Finish. Your new account appears on the Mail tab of the Internet Accounts dialog box.
12. Click Close. At the prompt to download folders from the mail server that you added. Click Yes.
Configure the Outlook Express for Multiple E-mail Accounts
For multiple email accounts you must do these steps:
1. Start Outlook Express in the first step.
2. Select Accounts from the Tools menu.
3. Click on the Mail tab.
4. Click Add on the right side of the box and choose Mail.
5. Type the display name for the account. Click Next.
6. If you already have the new account, click the top radio button. Enter the name of the account and click next.
7. Type the mail server information you collected in the first step. Be sure to type the information as it appears in your notes. Click Next.
8. Type the user name as it appears on the account. The name is usually what precedes the address; for example, the account name of is "feedback."
9. Type the password to access the account. If the password is incorrect or you can't remember it, contact the e-mail provider.
10. Check the Remember Password box if you don't want Outlook to prompt you for the password each time it checks the mail.
11. Click Finish. Repeat as needed for all e-mail accounts.
12. Edit account properties by clicking on the name and choosing Properties from the list on the right. 



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