How To Edit Videos on YouTube

Like most Google products, YouTube has a lab section full of new features the Google experts are currently testing. YouTube’s experimental section is called TestTube. Recently added to the TestTube is a new video editing feature that allows all users to shorten, merge or add soundtracks to videos.
First, it should be noted that users can only edit videos they upload to YouTube—so no, we cannot add a Star Wars soundtrack behind the Ditch Surfers’ antics without pirating their video and editing offline.
To use the Video Editor, navigate to Click Try it Outbeneath the red Video Editor icon.

The interface is pretty straight-forward. Your YouTube videos are all stacked on the left. Drag and drop the video(s) that you wish to edit to the selection box beneath the pictures, next to the camera icon.

To add audio from the AudioSwap library, click the Audio tab at the top of the screen. From there, search by song title or artist to find an appropriate track for your video. Once found, drag the track from the list to the selection box next to the speaker icon.

Hover the mouse cursor over any video in the new list next to the camera and a pair of blue scissors appear. Click them to edit the video.

The background screen goes black and an editing window appears. From here, you can shorten the video by dragging the bars on the right and left to the part in the video time line you want to display. The soundtrack volume is also adjustable. from this window. Click Save to make your changes appear in the background box.
Name your video in the big box on the background screen and click Publish. The video will then go live on YouTube.

For simple cropping and merging videos quickly, this is a great addition to YouTube. Most of our on-the-go devices with good browsers could handle this kind of online editing. Most likely, YouTube will add features to the editor in time.
The only thing that truly concerns us is the disclaimer that AudioSwap may add advertisements to the videos that use their service. But, advertisements are becoming quite commonplace on YouTube, so this is probably to be expected.



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