How to Change default Facebook layout with PageRage

Just about everyone is using Facebook these days, but they don’t allow you to customize the layout that much. Orkut and of course, MySpace allow you to choose from various skins and layouts so that you don’t have keep looking at the same boring default colors and design.
PageRage is a new Facebook application that allows you to customize the background and color scheme of your Facebook profile. You can completely change the theme and layout and choose from a bunch of different designs.
So instead of my Facebook profile looking like this:

Using PageRage, I can transform the plain and boring white and blue Facebook colors to something a little more expressive!

Ahhh that looks better! Well not really, but it’s better than constantly looking at that white and blue all day! There are several steps to download Facebook layouts and applying them to your profile. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Now choose the Facebook layout that you want to apply to your Facebook profile. When you click on Select, you’ll see a message at the top saying that you need to install Yontoo Layers.
  • Go ahead and install Yontoo Layers. You can either click on the link shown above or go directly to the Yontoo website. Note that this only works for Internet Explorer and Firefox at this time. They will be support Safari soon.
  • Enter in your Facebook login details when asked for them and you’re ready to go! Just go back to the PageRage Facebook app and choose the new layout.
Note that you can now see the new layout, but if you want anyone else to see the layout, you have to tell them to install Yontoo also, otherwise they will see the default layout.
Yontoo Layers is something like Greasemonkey, if you know what that is. It basically allows you to add virtual layers onto your browser screen. It does not actually modify the Facebook page, it just adds the new layout on top of the current site. Enjoy!



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